An important part of the full and
harmonious development of the person is that of intellectual and physical development. At Ballydrehid National School we endeavour to provide our students with a comprehensive grounding in these principles. 

Our Academics

We have introduced two new strategies to improve literacy levels in the past two years i.e. "Literacy Lift Off" (including Guided Reading) and "Building Bridges of Understanding". These are research based programmes and have been a successful approach in the current school year. We will continue to use these methods in the coming academic year.


Children are carefully lead through a program of writing practice thereby encouraging the development of their fine motor skills which greatly aids the process of handwriting. Children are taught the basic steps of a joined script style. While readiness is a factor, it is hoped that most pupils will be using a joined script by the end of Third Class. A joined cursive script is introduced in Fourth Class.


Addition/Subtraction tables are taught in first/second class. Multiplication tables form a large part of the third-class programme. It is expected that children will be well versed in all tables by the end of fourth class.


Children are introduced to the basic principles of science, initially through exploration and investigation of their natural environment. These principles are expanded upon to a greater degree as students progress in their studies.


We are lucky to have

Ballydrehid Woods 2.5 kms from our doorstep and explore the area on a

seasonal basis for walks and trails.

We pride ourselves in utilising the beautiful local environment to enhance

learning in our school. Children are taught to appreciate and recognise the importance of their natural environment.

Physical Education

Children partake in structured play time each day and also physical education classes on a weekly basis. Sports coaches also visit the school on a regular basis to instruct the children. We also hold sports days for the children to compete in a fun and constructive environment.

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