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September 2022

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We have great fun with our go-karts. Sometimes we can connect them together. This makes a fast, exciting train. We use chalk to draw a track for our train. We use tennis rackets for traffic lights. The green one means go, the red one means stop and the yellow means get ready to stop. We used the chalk to draw Formula 1 tracks too. We drew shops, airports, houses and cafés. We drew a carpark in front of the shops to park your cart. We made a roundabout too. We didn’t want any crashes. We drew ‘boosters’ on the yard too. If you drive over them, you go faster.

By Séamus

We play lots of games in our class and on the yard.

We had a funny game where we had to hide a little Batman teddy and give each other clues to where he was.

We played 3 Rounds – we had to pick a picture and the first round we had to describe it. The second round we had to act it and the last round we had to say just one word. Even if we said ‘hmm’ that was our go. That was a fun rule.

We found lots of caterpillars in our school, so we made them out of Cheerios and pipe cleaners. We have a cocoon on our wall. We hope we get to see a butterfly. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Go Noodle is great fun. We have to copy the moves the dancers make. We loved grooving to ‘Dynamite’. It sounds like he says, ‘Hey oh, I’m a Lego’. We also like the Dance Monkey song.

We play Paw Patrol with the tower and figures. We like to make cool crowns with our counting camels.

We like playing spelling and tables games on our whiteboard. We like maths and are learning our tables. We write news about our week and tell each other all the things we do at home.

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